Huawei Firmware Update Procedure

Huawei Firmware UpdateHuawei firmware and software updates

Firmware is like a software stored inside flash memory inside the Huawei device. Updating your software gives you new features, keeps your device running smoothly and can fix a lot of common problems.

Use your service to download all the latest Huawei firmware update / upgrade / downgrade software.


  • Before SD-card upgrade,please backup your data.
  • Make sure your tablet has more than 30% power, or connect tablet with charger.
  • Make sure the SD-card has enough room (more than 2G) for copying upgrade file, and the format is FAT32 (You can put SD-card into card-reader, and connect to computer, it will be shown in “my computer”. Right click it, select ‘property’, check file system, it should be FAT or FAT32. If it is NTFS, the card can’t be used for upgrade).
  • Before finish upgrading, do not remove SD-card or power, do not turn off power.
  • If power off when upgrading, please trying again.

SD Card Upgrade Guide

    1) Please copy dload directory (zip, unlmt.cfg)to the father directory of SD card.
    2) Insert SD card to tablet.
    3) When powered on the tablet, it will begin SD card upgrade if you go to the settings-> Updates-> System updates-> Local updates -> Backup data -> Update.

4) If the device has screen, the screen will display as follow during normal upgrade process:

5) The screen will display as follow after success of SD card upgrade:

6) After upgrade successful, remove SD-card and press POWER button for a long time until tablet reboots, the tablet will update the system configuration first (As the words in green show), then reboot again, and it can be used normally

7) Confirm the new build number: go into “Settings”—>“About tablet” —> “Build number” to check build number. If build number is right, upgrade is successful.

8) The screen will display as follow if the upgrade failed:

9) If upgrade failed, please check whether the upgrade file is full or not, or upgrade path is right or not. The log which generated in father directory in SD card during upgrade can help the developer to find the fail reasons.


  • Please download upgrade file by Wi-Fi network, process following: go into “Settings” →“Wi-Fi” →“turn on Wi-Fi”,and connect Wireless router, then Phone can visit the internet.
  • If your phone had installed non-official firmware or been upgraded by non-official channel, this upgrade may be result in system abnormity. So, please be careful of this upgrade.

OTA Upgrade Guide

    1) Connect internet, then click “Settings” –> “Updates”..

2) Click “System Updates” and go into the Online update page.

2) Click “online update”.

4) If there is a new version in update system, you can see the upgrade notification.

5) Click “Download and install”, it will start download upgrade file.5. Click “Download and install”, it will start download upgrade file.

6) Wait for a few minutes till download finished, click “Install”.

7) System reboots automatically, Phone goes into upgrade mode, and begin version upgrade process.

8) After upgrade, it shows ‘OK’, and the Phone auto reboots.

Backing Up Important Configuration Data of Operating System and Database

1) Login Page

Access the web page for customer premises equipment (CPE) configuration

2) Login Local Upgrade page

Enter the user name and password, click Login in, and choose Home > Upgrade on the page that is displayed.

3) Select the upgrade file, click Upgrade

4) Wait until the upgrade succeeds.

5) After the restart, refresh the page and log in to the system.

This section introduces the upgrade methods with the multicast sending packet tool. There are two schemes: single or lots of CPE upgrade. Except the connecting network method, They are the same during the upgrade. Several CPE upgrade scheme is usually used in production.

1) Setting the IP Address of PC

Please set the network card’s IP address manually which is connected with HUB could be used as ‘192.168.8.*’; * is an arbitrary number which is between 2 and 254; so it is in the same network with B315’s gateway

2) Opening the Multicast Upgrade Software

3) Choosing the PC’s Network Card connecting the B315

Click the button ‘Refresh’ to refurbish the network card; then choose the card with the IP address

4) Configuring the Multicast Upgrade Software

Click the button ‘Open’ to get the dialog box of choosing upgrade files. Then select the right one and click the button ‘Open’ in the dialog box to return to the main face of the multicast software. We should make sure the upgrade file is correct and what you want to update!

5) Verifying the Product Version of Upgrade File

The product version is showed below the file content box. The version is the external release code. If it is showing error such as ‘Error file version…’ or ‘Analyse time-out…’, the upgrade file isn’t correct. Please choose it again. It’s showed as below

6) Verifying the force upgrade is done or not

If the CPE is in equipment mode and the LT station isn’t carry on, we also can use multicast upgrade, but don’t forget to choose the ’Force Upgrade’

Attention:If the CPE’s IMEI codes are all 0 and it is in equipment mode, please choose ’Force Upgrade’; otherwise we can’t use multicast upgrade( it means the LT station hasn’t been done in the production line).

7) Starting to Send Multicast Packages

Click the button ‘Start’ to begin to send the multicast packages.

8) Turning on Power to Upgrade B315

The LED Showing during the Upgrade

9) Neatening Steps after Upgrading successfully

    Remove the CPE which have been updated successfully;
    If all the CPE have been updated successfully, click the button ‘Stop’ to stop sending the multicast packets and close the multicast sending packet tool;
    Turn off HUB;
    Turn off PC.

2) Connect PC and Huawei mobile wifi hotspot by USB cable; make sure the COM port is as same as the following image

3) Start the upgrade by click “Start >”.

4) Begin searching device…”

5) Updating. Pay attentiong to the following during the upgrade:

    Make sure that the PC is running on full power.
    Do not remove the data card
    Do not run other prgrams.
    Do not shut down, sleep, hibernate, log off, switch user or restart the PC.

6) When upgrade finished, finished the upgrade click “Finish >”

Notes: Forcible execution to upgrade

    Make sure that TE is not running and not in charging.
    Hold down both the POWER button and RESET button for 2s and hold down the RESET button in 500ms when you see “FORCE UPDATE” on LCD to entry Forcible download model.
    Start from step 1 as explained in the normal procedure

1) Connect your Huawei modem to PC / Laptop

2) Double click the update package, select the I Agree and click on Next

3) Begin searching device…”

4) Click Next

5) Updating. Pay attentiong to the following during the upgrade:

6) Start the upgrade by click “Start >”.

7) Wait until the installation procedure is complete

8) When upgrade finished, finished the upgrade click OK > “Finish”

If it will ask firmware password during the update you have to generate the Flash Code using our online tool. CLICK HERE